Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Calm after the storm

Hi all,
I just want to thank everyone for their prayers, and thoughtful e-mails, and support.
As you can see it has been hard for me to update the blog, with so many things going on, I am a bit behind with some stuff but I have been pulling a lot of all nighters to get things done, and finally catch up.
As soon as I am done with some HUGE , and by that I mean ginormous projects, I will get back to finishing some personal projects and hopefully I will be able to update the blog on a more regular basis.
Erika is doing great, she's home, and here's some images that attest to her happy nature :)
My eldest daughter Keira has been real busy for the last few weeks sculpting anything that comes to mind, I think she's going to make me a lot of money and I can retire in the next few years.... no seriously I am amazed at how good she is at conveying stuff with her little fingers..... she is holding an unicorn in her hand by the way, later on I taught her how to make rabbits, and I promise she came up with this little guy, she even punched the eyes in, I only did the smile and the lashes on the right eye, I promise she did everything else on her own after I showed her how to go about it.... here's hoping for a brighter future :) Thanks for reading.