Friday, December 4, 2009


William and I in the spirit of working with our new Japanese partners have become addicted to Ramen as of the last couple of days , but not just any Ramen, but Miso Chashu Ramen....!!!!!
This is a great place were usually Norm Meyers, Paul Komoda, and us meet, but lately we have been so busy we only get take out... this is the best food in the San fernando Valley!!! look it up... Nippon Ramen on Reseda blvd.

So good and spicy, it always makes us feel happy!
If you have never had Ramen, I suggest you try Misso Chashu..... extra pork, extra noodle, and you will be enlightened !

Jordu Creature head !!

Hi guys,
Here's a new creature I am working on, life is not without a sense of irony and this time Jordu Schell film creature designer by trade, gets turned into a creature by yours truly.... Jordu is always making faces while teaching his classes, and there was this one particular one that would always creep me out... so I decided to sculpt that, and turn it into a monster....Please understand I am doing this in my free time which means bathroom breaks these days hahaha! I will finish this little guy soon!
Here's the face this sculpt is loosely based on!

I am turning japanese... I really think so!

It's that time again, needed to update, I am not going to lie, if I were able to talk about all the cool stuff William Valenzuela, Jorge Martinez and I have been working on you'd not believe it.... this is the best time in our careers so far, pure bliss!
We have started working officially for one of my favorite Japanese companies ... KOTOBUKIYA!
We have been asked to form a new creative group called "Kreative 3"
Please see the link below:
In the next few days Koto will officially unveil a lot of these products that we have been able to create for them..... here's a link to our new Red Hulk statue...

Very soon I will be able to update on the new "Jade Giant" and a certain Doctor.... I will say no more...
Thank you for reading!