Monday, October 18, 2010

INVOCATION Work in progress

Hi guys,
Here's a sneak at the demon creature, I am still playing with the look...

Monday, October 11, 2010


Hi guys,
Here's my latest creation.... this will be a part of a line titled "infinite dimensions"
A series of prepainted statues produced by a very cool company ,no more dteails yet, but all I will say is , I will be able to tackle any creature, as long as it is accompanied by a hot girl ;) monsters form every lore, myth, leyend, etc.... anything from Werewolves, to aliens.... I am still reviewing the details of the contract, but I will make an official announcement very soon :)
As you can see I did a very bad sketch ( notice I used the face of one of Sorayama's girls as to help the Silva's see what kind of expression her face would have) and conveyed the whole setting to the Silva Brothers, they in return came up with this!
The Silva Brothers are available for commissions, they do, sequential art ( Comics), pencils, inks, and digital painting, they are VERY busy working for Dark Horse, but the wait will be worth it if you commission them:
Their info: Manuel y Leonardo Silva

Jim Lee Colosus

Hi guys,
I have been working on this guy for a while.
One of my favorite Xmen characters, based on the art of Jim Lee.
I will be posting final images soon!

Sorayama power! "Hot Boy" girl 1/6th scale UPDATE # 1

Hi guys,
Just wanted to share some images of this new project I am doing for Yamato.
This girl is based on the art work for Mr. Hajime Sorayama, did you know that his work was key in helping the designer of Robocop create the character/suit ?
Anyway this girl is 12.5 inches tall with heels, this is very rough still but I will keep updating everyone!