Friday, July 29, 2011


Well, it certainly has been a crazy few months. And even longer since I updated this blog... sorry guys! Well, I have tons to show. First of all , I have partnered with YAMATO TOYS to bring you a line of original creations by your truly, in the vein of their current FFG line, or Fantasy Figure Gallery.
The reaction at Comic Con last week was so good, that they decided to make my line (Originally called "Invocations" as part of their FFG line under "Sculptor's originals).

First in the line is"Space Host" a space alien that serves as a host to a beautiful female astronaut named Keira , who is dying.... she becomes infected with a virus in the middle of an alien war where humans have sided with one of two alien races that have come to earth fighting for the ultimate source of energy and life, human souls! One faction to protect us, the other to use us as an energy source and ultimately destroy us.

Through the miracle of science Keira's life is saved by her host, a benevolent yet powerful alien Priest and warrior know only as The Patriarch who has lost most of his limbs in trying to save Keira's life.

In an effort to save both his race and what is left of humanity, and in order for both woman and creature to survive...he latches onto her arm...and infuses her with the power of the EON-ACUMEN , an energy that is composed of micro intelligences is said that intelligence permeates every single particle of matter in the universe...and only the Patriarchs have come to the knowledge of handling these intelligences in order to create the universe, this is how they have achieved their grand status if architects of the Cosmos.
Countless worlds, and galaxies have been created through the power of EON-ACUMEN every being in the Universe, even humans.

Thus Keira and the Patriarch become the ultimate weapon... ever powerful, ever sentient, both of them may be the only hope we have...
Unbeknownst to humans, but known to the Patriarch and Keira, the Abaddon find out about Keira's biofusion with the Patriarch.

Thus the evil alien faction begins a series of experiments of their own with both humans and Abaddon soldiers in order to find a way to mimic "bio-fusion" in order to create their own champion....their own "Space Host"....a being of pure evil capable of destroying Keira...but Biofusion is reserved only to the grand order of the Patriarchs, thus it was determined since the beginning of time. "One race to create another to obliterate, one to bring peace the other to bring war, a never ending struggle for the souls of men, a war that started eons ago, and that will ultimately end with the aid of the children of the Patriarchs": Us!

But the Abaddon* are not without resources, as twisted versions of the Patriarchs they have had access to the same knowledge, only lacking the means to control EON-ACUMEN. For knowledge of the control of EON-ACUMEN cannot be handled without the principles of righteousness, and this is what will forever keep the Abaddon from ever attaining such power, for they know nothing pertaining to righteousness, only evil permeates their very beings.

Yet it is said that since time immemorial said knowledge has been twisted and used for the evil purposes of the* Abaddon, the ancient race that is said to have branched out from the order of the Patriarchs, only this time their efforts will be more dramatic and powerful than ever before...for there are some humans that are willing to serve the evil faction, so it starts a new age of conflict, in which humans will play their biggest role..... get ready for new series of Bio-fusioned beings!