Wednesday, February 10, 2010


Hi guys,
Today I took a small break after some crazy deadlines, tomorrow I am back on the saddle , but today I worked a on this.... I honestly almost gave up last year... Chris Reeve is just too hard to capture.... but today I felt the urge to work on him.... once I get a break I will finish this guy.... his hair is just a mock up....

I still see a lot of problems, but sometimes it is better to let go for a while when it comes to portraits.
I am sure I will look at it next week and go " what was I thinking"..... it happens all the time...
This is a personal project, and I really want it too look as close to Mr. Reeve as possible, plus this is more of a static expression study, once I feel comfortable with the likeness both sculpted and painted ( I may have to keep going back to tweaking even after casting and painting). Then I will start making different expressions, angry ( scene where Otis want to take his cape) , determined ( scene where he walks out of revolving door/flying after missiles) , and smiling ( end credits)
I will make two bodies, museum, and flying with different sets of arms ( forward/ by his thighs) waving goodbye etc.
I would also like to make a bust, and an action figure ala Hot Toys....and finally him battling a more Hollywod FX-esque Doomsday... then I can die in piece :P in all honesty at least it will be a resin statue ( Flying)
This is 1/6th BTW.
Thank you for looking,


Thanks guys,

Monday, February 1, 2010


Hi guys,
I just received info from my dear friend Rob The Wizard from Triforce!

He sent me this image.

Here's what they had to say on their blog:

The Lancer Assault Rifle is the backbone to the COG military and has gone on to become one of the most iconic weapons in the history of viedogames. We had our work cut out for us when trying to recreate this incredibly intricate and absolutely lethal assault rifle. The COG workhorse is cast in high-grade polystone, measures 40 inches in length, weighs 15 pounds, and is fully realized with LED effects. The Lancer is 150% in game accurate to the source material from Gears of War 2 and is one of the most ambitious collectibles available on the market today. Every single bolt, chainsaw tooth, decal, ding, and spec of grease was given careful attention.

To further illustrate the sheer size of this awe inspiring piece of COG ordinance, Erick Sosa art director of TriForce is shown wielding the Lancer Assault Rifle prototype as he preps for combat.

Gearheads buckle up; you are in for one hell of a ride!

The TriForce Team