Thursday, April 9, 2009

Yes, Christian Bale's nose is crooked

Yes, Christian Bale's nose is crooked....'s a new update.... well sorta, more like showing you new images of Ahnuld and his old buddies, And yes Ahnuld will be naked...more updates in the future....
these are sculpts that I have had in my studio since before 2007 some of them anyway, Jack Sparrow (you can see he's all cracked up) was a project for Master Replicas, a nightmare.... had to sculpt 4 1/6th scale scene replicas in one week each, literally 7 days each.... 4 of them and one of of the characters was Davy Jones, the movie was still in sleep... very scary.....I've never made so much cash in 4 weeks though ....but I would never do it again for a million bucks.... honest.


  1. man you have the coolest job ever, I love this blog man

  2. ok I love your sculpts
    they're so friggin amazing
    and would love to have some of them as resin kits for reference while I work on projects
    the anatomy is soooo good
    faces are near perfect

    I'm adding you to my blogroll right now

  3. Woooooooooow amazing work....congratulations
    I´m a great fan of your works.

  4. Thank you very much guys!
    I will try to keep the blog updated each week.

  5. Wow your work is amazing, thanks for sharing this stuff