Monday, August 22, 2011

New class info!

Hi all,
Here's more info in regards to my class.

Classes will start the first Saturday of September at 11am pacific time ( Los Angeles time).

We will meet online each Saturday at the same time.

Payment can be made through Pay pal to: [email][/email]

I accept any major credit/debit cards

**payment is due in full by August 31st.

***Class is limited to 15 people.

Many people have contacted me so please guys, first to pay will be the first 15 people officially in.

Payments cannot be reimbursed, but can be taken as credit for our second course in case you cannot take this course for whatever reasons.

Also the cost of $200 is an introductory price, next course will be a bit higher in cost, but then again each course will cover different stuff, but this will happen in the near future. For now let us focus on the class at hand .

**The class will be taught in a way that either Pros or newcomers can learn.**

Each class will last 3 hours, and will each take place on Saturdays at the same time ( 11:am L.A. Time/pacific time)

I cannot record sessions yet, but I will do my best to be able to offer that in very near the future.

Up to 5 people can show me their webcams ( while I show mine) ( if you have an HD webcam it is better) so I can see your progress.

As for our first class you do not need any materials.

For our second class you will need materials in case you choose to follow along , but mostly if you so desire you can just watch throughout all 5 sessions.

If you choose to follow along please be aware that during the first class I will give you a small list of materials required and give you a small demo, but an important one.

The purpose is for you to get acquainted with the materials/tools you may need. I will show you how to make your own basic tools. Also I will give you as much information on where to get these supplies here in the U.S. but mostly you should be able to get most stuff in any other places in the world. You can get clay/in most countries, in case you have a hard time finding sculpey, you can always use regular clay from a local art store, or buy your stuff online.

Thank you very much for your interest in taking my course!

-Erick Sosa


  1. What an awesome idea! How have the classes been going? I would love to participate and/or buy the recordings in the future.


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