Saturday, October 18, 2008

It's a Wolf! man!

Hi guys this is a part of my revamped classic monsters kit line.
Here's some WIP.... been itching to work on this kit line and other creatures, but I do not have time :(
So I did this in a couple of hours... not happy with it yet, but tomorrow I will see what it is I do not like, and will refine accordingly.... and no I am not bragging about the time it took to build, it is actually very easy with Zen wax :wink:
Thanks for looking,

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  1. Dear Master Sosa
    first of all, i really like the way you are sculpting with your own style, and trying different pieces with great shapes
    what about the Dragon ball and street fighter pieces? ^^
    i have a question i just got some Zen and it's my first attempt with wax do you smooth the all thing? Using a flame or alcohol?
    anyway ...bravo keep going on, always great to see your work and WIP