Sunday, February 15, 2009


Hi guys,
Here's a new update to my newest creation.... Kamebushi!!!
Kamebushi will go on pre-sale by the end of February.
Also couple of images of Jason Bourne, originally sculpted in sculpey by my friend Ed Espinoza, tweaked it in wax by yours truly, available though
Pics of an Ahnuld I did as a private commission for a famous comic book artist... and a picture of my Daughter Wendy's B-day party, she turned one the 28th of last month.
Also, some images of a certain Kryptonian, and an old Indy.
Some pics of a Hammer head mutant, and a couple of MORMONS...yep you know, the guys riding the bikes, wearing white shirts and ties, always trying to help old ladies cross the street :)



  1. Erick!
    All these sculpts look so awesome on their own but when they are together they are even more powerful!

    Your work continues to inspire me and countless others!

  2. ERick!!!!

    La poca coneccion de internet que tengo - la uso para ver tu trabajo ----jaja y vale la pena!!!

    Parece que has estado ocupado. Como siguen las cosas?
    estoy desconectada del mundo estas ultimas semanas.

    saludos del polo norte

    el arnold esta fregonsote

  3. man this blog is so cool, My jealousy is off the scale.
    Is all this work for statues or toys or personal?

    really cool work man great stuff

  4. I view your work and I feel a lot of hope in seeing that skill and talent can flow so smooth and so fast.

  5. these toys look great. if you allow me to say this: you have to take care about the photography, looks like youre to lazy to get up from the chair. hope you dont have a walking disability. -

  6. Very great !
    I'm french, sorry for my " bad american language"...
    I've seen your Thundercats creations (because i'm very fan of these comics and i like drawing) : your works was very perfect !

    Good continuation.