Monday, September 14, 2009


Hi guys,
I have just been allowed to show this.
Let me just say this project means a lot to me, as it opened an opportunity for me to work for one of my favorite Japanese companies.
Also this project was a special one, I was asked to get it sculpted, molded/casted, and painted within 2 and a half weeks, which was insane, since the character has so much gear ,3 pairs of arms,and details, my baby daughter Erika was due any day within those two weeks of grueling work, with another big Gears of war 2 project on top of us ( see post before this one ) and sure enough 4 days before the deadline she was born, making things a bit harder for me and everyone involved, we were told it would not be possible to get this done, but still they trusted us, and we delivered.
My baby daughter Erika was born with some health/digestive issues, so much so that she had to be rushed to UCLA medical to get microsurgery, needless to say your ( Clubhouse members/family and friends) support/posts/e-mails helped me through this.

Anyway this project was a blessing in disguise, it has literally changed my life and my career, taking me to a direction I always wanted but that otherwise would have been just a dream, and now it is a reality, I can finally get to come up with ideas, and actually bring them to life the way I see fit, no more restrictions! Thanks Koto and Triforce!
I just want to publicly thank the following people:
My wife
Frank Supiot and Koto for believing in me and giving me such an opportunity....
Drew Seldin
My buddy Rob the "wizard"
William Valenzuela for always being there to save the day, Paul Komoda, Jordu Schell, Jorge Martinez and Norm for always being such a positive support.
People involved:
Erick Sosa: Character Sculptor/gear/weapons
WIlliam Valenzuela: Base Sculptor/painter
Jorge Martinez Caster extraordinaire!
Jordu Schell: Portrait painter
Paul Komoda:Painter body/gear/weapons Paul came through so fast with this..thanks man!

Amazon link for actual product:


  1. NICE!!!

    excellent work dudes!

    and I really can´t believe those tight deadlines u talk about. I had no idea this kind of product could take such few days.

    sad to hear about your daughter´s situation, hope everithing went well after that. best wishes for you and yours from argentina.

    some not silent anymore admire :D

  2. my God man, you are amazing! Wow! I saw this on amazon and now checking your blog I'm in awe.