Thursday, August 18, 2011

HD Webcam Sculpting classes with Erick Sosa

Hi guys,
I am just gauging interest for some online sculpting classes. For the longest time I have wanted to share with people how I go about sculpting my pieces. The technology was just not there until just a few months ago. Technically I want to open my studio doors ( virtually) to anyone interested in learning, and anyone interested in getting a behind the scenes pass into actual projects being developed.

I also want to use this tool to connect with fans throughout the world, during free meetings or "open house/studio sessions" scheduled once a month etc". Basically anyone with a computer can come to my studio and check what is new, and trust me I am working on a lot of cool stuff, some I cannot show, but there are some that I have permission to show, and that is where the fun begins, you will be a guest in my humble 2 car garage studio :)

Ok let's move on to the class info:

As of tonight, I have successfully shared my first online TEST class , we will start in two weeks guys.
I am thinking classes will be once a week for 3 hours each class, for a total of 4 classes, and perhaps a fifth class for review and questions etc.... I am really excited to say the least, as I can basically share my studio, a bit of my knowledge, and my crazy creature design ideas with whomever is interested.
***I would later on make my creations (developed throughout each course) available as model kits for you to study in person. People that sign up for my class will get a special discount for each model kit I make.
We will cover and explore together the following:

Sculpting a creature bust in Super sculpey
Primary form,
Expressions that bring your sculpt to life,
Secondary form,
Wax transfer,
wax sculpting essentials.
The tentative price would be $200 per person for 4 weeks
Bonus 5th class for review, questions/answers etc.

I would take payment through pay pal only. Classes would be taught through Gotomeeting with a limit of 15 people per session and 15 people per course as well.

Streaming will be in HD, with an HD camera for your viewing pleasure.
I just had a test class tonight , and it works just swimmingly, the resolution is incredible! I can also view you web cam, as to check the progress of your own creations, and give you better input. This technology is real cool guys!

Here's a lit of features:
If anyone is interested please email me at :
Thank you guys!


  1. Love the idea! Hadn't I would definately want a piece of this, but my sculpting is at such a basic level (just started) that I wouldn't be able to apply your teachings anyhow. Not at this stage. :)

  2. Anonymous, the class will be set for beginners, and pro's...I think everyone will benefit :)

  3. I thought at first it would be a ZBrush class. But I am still interested in the clay class as well, because you can never learn too much!! Have to Check my China schedule.