Monday, August 1, 2011

Magneto Xmen in Jim Lee's style

Hi again guys,
here's Magneto based on the art of Jim Lee, and done in CG ( Zbrush) with the aid of Alex Pereira, for Kotobukiya.


  1. That's incredible Eric. How did you learn Zbrush so quickly? What material are you using?



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  3. Oh man ...didnt visit your blog lately ... but come on you are already producing stuff in Zbrush. Ahh see thats just talent+years of experience that are rolling thruu any tool (Zbrush) wich could do the job. To the statue itself its really great piece as always or real life, there is no border for you now. If you would have an practise doodle to share your anatomy i would love to see it myself in zbrush... :P. Keep it up, you inspired me again ;)

  4. Thank you Jon and Animato! I am using the Mp Clay mat cap that you can download at

  5. Hi, I have some of kotobukiyas statues, but this is the best i ever see, great job! Its a definitly a MUST TO HAVE.
    Iam from Lima, Peru greetings from this part of the world!