Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Arrgghhh heartburn

Hello guys,
I have been sick with heartburn since July 2nd, doctor said it will go away if I stop stressing, and if I keep eating healthy... oh well.
Been finishing some projects for Sideshow, and once I am done wrapping that up I will be back on track with Panthro, then I will move on to the New Cyberstein project I am working on with the Silva bros. from Argentina, those guys took my ideas and made them even better! Remember we are re hauling the whole Universal monster line, so let me know which are your favorites, I for one cannot wait to work on Dracula, The creature from the Black lagoon, The Mummy, The Wolfman, Phantom of the Opera, Jekyll, all in their new biomechanical glory, Takeya will be proud lol!
Check out their blog! http://silvabrothers.blogspot.com/
Anyway Here's some images of the concept for Frankie, I have already sculpted the head, but will start working on this until the weekend.
Hope you like it, I love it!
Until later,


  1. Dude, try some protonix or nexium. I only need to take those every 3 days or so to be heartburn free!

    Take it from a guy who went to the hospital with a bleeding ulcer from chronic heartburn. Either of them will work!


  2. Thanks Jason,
    I actually found a cure, you won't believe it, read my blog!

  3. ERICK! compa como estas?
    I'm very happy that you found you're way to WATER AND BLOGGING!
    Good stuff!