Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Kame hame haaaa!

Hello yet again,
Here's another preview of a little exercise in anime... my friend Shin Tanabe has helped me so much with tips and techniques.. arigato Shin san!
Sculpting anime may look easy, but once you start on that path, specially if a master of the X-acto like Shin is going to see your work, well it can get real hard... everyting is so subtle....
I haven't been in touch with Shin, because he's very busy for Wonderfestival, and he is working on his own stuff, plus actual projects.
But anyway, sculpting anime is very demanding, we as westerners may think we know how to sculpt it , but we really don't, specially if you have to sculpt with feeling, yep Shin says it is a "feeling" kinda like a spiritual connection , that is a very cool thing, I love japanese culture, it is so awesome.
I am trying, but it is very hard.... I wish Shin comes back to the States soon, I have a "feeling" I may not be able to cut it as an anime sculptor....but I will keep trying for now :P

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  1. Hi Erick, welcome to the blogger world! Your work is awesome! Ahora en espaƱol, que bueno todo tu laburo, espero que sigas poniendo cosas para que podamos inspirarnos.Te mando un abrazo