Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Sonic boom!!

Hello guys and gals,
Here's some images of a quick study for Guile from street fighter 2.
If I ever have time to finish it, I may sculpt him in some kind of trademark move pose.
Done in FUSE wax from willow products :)


  1. looks very joe mad inspired...which pretty much makes it awesome!!!!!! great work on all your pieces though...


  2. Great stuff. I love to see what you're able to do with wax. I mixed the and sample of max I had to play around with. Really cool stuff. I think I might prefer though since I'm working towards making action figures. It not sticking to itself is a plus for add-on parts or for helping me to sculpt tight poa without having the parts stick.

    It's a pain to have to blend parts like a torso though.

  3. Sorry, didn't have numlock on. Insert a couple "360's" in my reply above and it'll make more sense.