Wednesday, July 16, 2008


Hi guys,
Guess what? Paul Komoda former Art Asylum inmate, came over to visit along with my friend Shin Tanabe last week!
Man, Paul Komoda is such a nice guy very down to earth, and extremely talented!
I wish he'd move out here, I'd pick his brains ! Thanks for coming over Paul.
I will update you all with images in a bit! meanwhile gotta get back to work.


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  2. Yeah Paul is the shiznit! One of the nicest guys you'll ever meet. I met him at the SD Comic-Con last year and he had a few original sculpey pieces in hand and they were absolutely amazing! He had a portrait of the Elephant man that was just uncanny! And he was passing the thing around (the original piece in super sculpey, not a resin casting) like he wasn't one bit worried about it. I refused to touch it though because I didn't want to be known forever as "The guy that ruined Komoda's Elephant man" LOL!

    Walter O'Neal
    (Professor Oreo)